People, Partnering and Performance

At VT Group, we maintain an unwavering commitment to our customers. Our values are the foundation for our daily behaviors; they define our culture and business practices, foster integrity, and help us earn exceptional customer satisfaction and loyalty.employee-carrying-UAV_2

Our approach to advanced technology is a blend of people, processes and technical solutions. While our services and solutions have evolved during the last 50 years, our values have not. We remain passionate about People, Partnering, Performance.


  • Treat the person right in front of you, right now, in the right way.
  • Help each other succeed.
  • Be proactive.
  • Empower our employees.
  • Promote safety.
  • Promote personal and professional development.


  • Be customer focused.
  • Promote teamwork.
  • Foster open and honest communication.
  • Develop/maintain long-term strategic relationships.
  • Think win-win.
  • Ensure legal compliance.
  • Support unity of purpose.


  • Meet schedule and cost milestones.
  • Reward and recognize desired behavior.
  • Take pride in your work.
  • Commit to continuous improvement.
  • Make metric-driven decisions.
  • Identify and implement cost savings.
  • Ensure timely project close-out.
When joining the VT Group team of professionals, our employees commit to:

  • Conducting ourselves with uncompromising integrity and ethics wherever we operate;
  • Creating a culture of trust, respect, and open communications — a culture that respects the dignity, diversity, and quality of life of the individual; and
  • Solving our customers most complex problems and achieving excellence in all markets we serve.