IT Notification 13 SEP 2017 13:56 EDT (Changes to SPAM and Junk Email Filtering)

  • WHO:  All VT Group Employees who utilize our email systems. Users without email addresses are not affected by this upgrade.
  • WHAT: Decommissioning of Mail Marshall and implementation of Office 365 SPAM Filter
  • WHEN: Migration Weekend (September 16 & 17, 2017)
  • WHERE: All VT Group Locations & Remote Users
  • WHY: To allow for more user control of Junk Email and self-management of Email Quarantine

We are decommissioning the current SPAM filtering system with the move to Office 365.

  •  Junk email that is deemed to be harmless, but is still considered spam will be delivered to your “Junk E-Mail” folder within Outlook.  This folder will empty itself every 14-30 days depending on your current Outlook settings.
  • Messages that are deemed to be a level that requires quarantining will be held within the Office 365 environment for 7 days.  After a message is quarantined, you will receive a notification from the Office 365 system giving you the option of releasing the message yourself without the need to submit a helpdesk ticket.
  • Messages that contain harmful content will be blocked completely, or if the issue is due to an offending attachment, the attachment will be stripped and the remainder of the message sent to quarantine.

These changes will reduce the delay or need for helpdesk support with regard to receiving emails needed to complete tasks at hand.

If you have any questions with this change in policy, please email the VT Group Helpdesk at