Equipment Footprint
Roughly 1/10th of traditional cabling, racks, switches and patch panels, reducing space needed and energy consumed. HVAC is no longer a critical component of the system. This is green IT that can generate significant savings in energy costs.
Ever-increasing capacity demands are met with ease. The volume of traffic this Gigabit network can handle is virtually limitless, and with multiple options for embedding redundancies, availability is 99.999%.
Expanding the reach and number of users of the network is easy and cost effective, and any upgrades to newer technology only require changes to a few active components. Cable overhauls are a thing of the past.

Long-term Investment
POL is future-proof technology that will support any new systems, services and bandwidth needs for the next 50+ years, with both CAPEX and OPEX savings realized in the near term.
Unified Network
All systems — data, voice, wi-fi, DAS, security, RMS/BMS, etc. — are integrated and managed at a central location point.
POL technology, which uses 128-bit AES encryption, has inherent cyber security attributes at multiple levels, giving the entire network unmatched protection against tampering and intrusion attempts.

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