U.S. Navy’s most experienced Alteration Installation Team (AIT)

sidebar-maritime2VT Group is the most experienced fleet C5ISR Alteration Installation Team (AIT) contractor for U.S. Navy surface ships and submarines. Our superior reputation spans four decades, delivering technical and engineering services for fleet-based communications, navigation, and electronic warfare systems. We have performed a wide variety of installations on over 400 U.S. Navy hulls throughout the world.

Our personnel, many of whom are former military that carry security clearances at the secret level and above, are certified and experienced in systems that span the C5ISR environment. This seasoned workforce allows us to maintain our revered maritime reputation.

As recognized world leaders in confined space AIT development, installation, testing and training, our four decades of excellence, our capabilities and accolades in this area are extensive:

  • Premier implementer and installer of large deck C5IT LANs, ISNS, IT-21, CANES, SUBLAN, and other shipboard LANs on virtually every U.S. Navy ship
  • Engineering and Installation (E&I) of GCCS J/M and DCGS-N
  • C5ISR submarine ship alterations with Combined Alteration Package installation and Common Submarine Radio Room experience
  • Installation and solutions development contractor for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) navigation control and recovery centers