Engineering & Logistics

For more than 40 years, VT Group has provided top-tier engineering and logistics support to government and commercial customers.

Our dedicated professionals develop, build and manage fully integrated IT infrastructure networks including Passive Optical LANs. We are experienced in program management functions and Integrated Logistics Support. We analyze, prepare and conduct pilot training programs. We manage oil analysis programs, where we set up, operate, train, and maintain fixed and mobile laboratories worldwide. We are experts in supply chain management and a leader in new equipment fielding and sustainment of weapon systems. We perform total base sustainment, infrastructure support and maintenance of government facilities including operating and maintaining utility systems. Our 47,000-square-foot custom fabrication facility adds capacity and capability to provide high quality, custom products ranging from large SHF antenna platforms and radomes to high fidelity replicas of OPFOR military vehicles. This is just a sampling of the engineering and logistics support VT Group professionals offer to our customers.

Our broad engineering and logistics capability delivers reliable and innovative problem-solving, solutions and life-cycle support.