Critical Asset Management

Supporting our Troops 24/7/365

VT Group manages operation centers for our DoD customers, delivering reliable and professional support for a wide range of operational, logistical, analytical and technical requirements. The responsibilities are synchronized and prioritized to ensure effectiveness – from integrated logistics support for deployed personnel to high priority supply requisitions for overseas operations and from managing classified material to writing operating procedures. We support troops and civilians deployed worldwide 24/7/365 each year.

We also provide real property management and maintenance for industrial and manufacturing facilities, precision laboratories, bachelor housing, and medical and dental clinics. We possess experience managing millions of square feet of real property in more than 1,200 government facilities; these include utility plants, dining halls, training classrooms, industrial complexes, mixed-use facilities, transient visitor units and multi-guestroom lodging as well as critical spaces for the maintenance and repair of mission-essential cranes and utility systems.