Equipment Training & Fielding

Integrated Training and Logistics

VT Group conducts a broad range of equipment training and fielding services. We provide support for all rotary and fixed-wing aircraft operated by the U.S. Army and virtually every Army aviation unit located in the U.S. and overseas. Our services include:

  • Classroom, simulation, multimedia instruction and computer based instruction
  • Training media analysis
  • Courseware and Training development

We provide flight simulation training and evaluation of flight training programs, including complex technical training documents, courseware, training aids, devices, simulators, simulations, and technical publications. We perform cost comparisons and analysis of training programs and recommend training improvements in requirements, training and logistics. We prepare training documentation plans and reports, perform cost comparison and analyses of training methods and strategies, and validate technology based multimedia-training materials such as interactive CD-ROM and computer aided instruction. We closely coordinate with systems development activities—from requirements identification to fielding—to assure the training implications and requirements are fully addressed prior to fielding. Our analyses include system architecture, feasibility studies, and system/performance specifications for  fielded and future equipment acquisition. Our expertise in planning, resourcing, and implementation of a cohesive integrated strategy to train military and civilian personnel maximizes the operational effectiveness and equipment maintenance through the entire equipment life-cycle.

We also are a leader in new equipment fielding and sustainment of weapon systems. We provide data, analyses and recommendations for fielding plans, and evaluate fielding reports to develop Integrated Logistics Services (ILS) evaluations and recommendations. We help ensure proper scheduling and movement of equipment. Among the plans we develop are:

  • Materiel Fielding Plans
  • Provisioning Plans
  • Logistic Support Analysis Plans
  • Depot Maintenance Support Plans
  • System Support Management Plans
  • Technical Manuals Verification Plans
  • Supply Support Plans
  • Supportability Plans
  • Memorandum of Agreements (MOA)
  • Memorandum of Understandings (MOU)
  • Memorandum of Notifications
  • Training and Training Device Plans

VT Group provides life cycle training, including logistics analyses and recommendations on design, development, production, modifications, acceptance testing, fielding, and retrofit management of aviation and missile systems. We have an extensive history of coordinating with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to review and verify all New Equipment Training (NET) data including classroom, hands-on, and simulation material for lifecycle training. We develop integrated training strategies to maximize effectiveness of personnel and equipment. Our services include ILS, training curriculum, critical training identification, and program documentation that ensures MANPRINT considerations are addressed.