Supply Chain Management

Faster, more agile supply chains to better equip the Warfighter

VT Group is a proven contractor for end-to-end supply chain management that ensures inventory visibility, product availability and reduced inventories. Our supply chain professionals plan, order, receive, test/inspect, make minor repairs, replace components, store, maintain, control inventory, issue, and dispose of a wide range of material and equipment.

We manage and operate Logistics Readiness Centers for NASA and DoD agencies. A substantial portion of our logistics support services consists of supply chain support. We are a leader in providing stock readiness and analysis for fleets, depots and arsenals. Our logisticians and analysts provide solutions, methodology, trends, analyses and metrics that make our customers faster and more agile — enhancing readiness for the Warfighter. Our experience includes:

  • Supply Support Activities (SSA)
  • Ammunition Supply Points (ASP)
  • Cannibalization Points (CP)
  • Central Issue Facilities (CIF)
  • Food Services Support Office (FSSO)
  • Garrison Property Offices (GPO)
  • Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants (POL) dispensing facilities

We also are engaged in the U.S. Army’s Logistics Modernization Program (LMP), which was established to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the U.S. Army supply chain. By modernizing both the supply chain systems and the processes, the LMP enables the planning, forecasting, and rapid order fulfillment for streamlined supply lines, improved distribution and a reduced theater footprint. We proudly support the Army Aviation community as it integrates LMP in the H-60 Blackhawk Program, a long-standing program for VT Group.